Contracts & Corporate Law
"How will paper affect people?" Legal "paper" can be one of the most draining factors for family businesses and non-profits because we want to focus on people. Not only will I help you interpret and analyze contractual provisions, I am also able to train you and your team so that you will be able to navigate basic contracts more independently in the future.
HR Administration & Support
"How do I support my people on paper?" Whether you are hiring your first employees or trying to create order out of a complex environment that grew organically over the years, I can help you create a game plan so that HR is not a burden, but a tool to support the team. As both a Texas attorney and a certified HR professional (PHR), I understand the need for simple, clear policies and procedures.
Non-Profit Support

The right people and "paper" to change the world! Non-profits, by definition, must put as many resources as possible towards their missions. I am committed to clarity and brevity. If a matter does not fall within my expertise, I will let you know right away so that you will be able to spend those precious funds in the best possible way.

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True Teamwork

Nothing is more inspiring than being around people with a vision who are ready to take action to make their dream a reality. That’s exactly why I opened my own practice.

After more than ten years as in-house corporate counsel and a year handling complex human resources projects, I learned what it takes to support a team. I provide focused and affordable consultation so small businesses and non-profits will be able to avoid problems and focus on the business at hand.

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